Gokhul Karpoori Phuleshwari Degree College
Karpoorigram, Samastipur, Bihar
(An Affiliated Unit of LNMU, Darbhanga)

Welcome To GKPD College, Karpoorigram

Educational Facilities

Student support services include prevention, assistance, transition and follow-up services for students. Student support services professionals provide direct services for all students, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to access and success. Direct services are provided by means such as education, counseling, consultation, advisement and individual assessment. In addition, student support services personnel provide in-service training, orientation, community collaboration and carry out student service program management.


Scholarship is an educational help to encourage backward students. According to Govt. norms Scholarship are given to poor and helpless students like SC, ST, OBC & Minority

National Service Scheme

National Service Scheme is a program organized by our college in guidance of NSS In-charge Dr. Shambhu Nath Thakur to facilitiate the society in different fields.


Laboratry is a place where students can see practically what happens which they study in class room. It is essential for real life and quality education.


Good books are the real friend of students. In this concern, Our college has large collection of books. Students are also benifited by our library incharge.

Health & Sports

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Huse Playground

There is a huge playground covered by high security to play outdoor games like criket, Football, Vollyball, and other outdoor games. We have a good sports teem, which participated in different tournament organized by college and university


We beleive that the sports gives healthy minds and body which directaly leads to success. We provides equipments for different sports and indoor as well as outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Vallyball, Caram Board, Table Tenis, Bat Minter etc.

Health Center

We wish for good health for our students and fourtunately we have a well equiped primary health center near by our college, Which helps us to go for regular routine chek-up and make us carefull about our health. It is also helpfull in any emergency.

Purified Water

Pure Water is one of the most important resource for human being. Impure water directly leads to poor health. So, we are very carefull about pure water. In this regards, many water purified are installed in our college to serve our student pure water.