Gokhul Karpoori Phuleshwari Degree College
Karpoorigram, Samastipur, Bihar
(An Affiliated Unit of LNMU, Darbhanga)

Welcom To GKPD College, Karpoorigram

Vision & Mission

Our great source of inspiration is Jan Nayak Karpoori Thakur. In the light of his teachings we have formulated our goal and mission.
Our mission is to work for the educational and cultural emancipation of the youngsters though meaningful and relevant higher education. Our vision binds to the local structures for a creative dialogue on their social and cultural liberation, our main role will be to provide an environment and training context for the students to prepare themselves for active and responsible life commitment for the formation of just society.

     To promote a college community/Society/Nation where spiritual, moral and            genuine values lived and witnessed.
      To create a climate for human and academic excellence with an openness to            leashing, research and the development of professional skills.
     To promote peace and harmony through an inter-cultural and inter-religious            dialogue.
      To contribute to the transformation of society through an openness to life and            living the challenges of being socially conscious and socially responsible.
     To promote programs movements that foster inter-connectness, kinship and             eco justice.